LUNARE designscapes Inc.

Lunare Design Scapes Inc.

Lu-na-re (loo’na rey)

  1. An artistic expression aimed to transform something common into something precious.
  2. A force that mysteriously brings together all layers of an event to ultimate fusion.
  3. A mingling, an infusion of flowers. plants, liquid, solid, light and culture.
  4. Artistic alchemy

With Lunare Design Scapes and Simone Hazel, the founder and owner,comes a full service international special event company with many years of experience. Formal training in fine and commercial arts, theatrical design, retail display, floral design, culinary inspirations and many other artistic expressions is what sets us apart.

We offer and coordinate many different aspects and layers to create events and environments such as:
Overall event design & decor, floral design, a complete line of rentals, buffet & bar decor, custom linens, draping & tent treatments, lighting, venue contacts, caterer contacts and much more.

From the simple to the sublime, Lunare Design Scapes looks forward to creating unique events. Inspirations from color, texture, light and culinary arts are used to transform space and create an environment design. Catering to diverse circles, formal, informal, corporate and social, with the awareness the celebrations of life shared with family, friends and associates will be remembered always. Bringing individuals’ and group’s visions to life and allowing hosts and guests to enjoy themselves at a spectacular event.